Wish You Were Here - Phillipa Ashley I enjoy Phillipa Ashley's stories so much I have the UK edition, US edition and it's also on my Kindle. Fun books to read and re-read over the weekend or in summer.

Jack Thornfield and Beth Allen fell in love on holiday in Corsica, 8 years ago. Jack leaves without an explanation.

8 years later, Beth's father has a serious accident and Beth leaves her job to help him, the family business and her sister. Beth then finds it necessary to take an exciting new job in London to help her sister through art school. The job she is after happens to be with Jack's company. Jack comes across Beth's resume, invites her (through his secretary)to come interview. Beth travels to London for the job interview, much to her surprise finds Jack. Memories and feelings come flooding back. Beth ultimately accepts the position and there complexity ensues.

Wish You Were Here is a wonderfully written, sexy read. With beautiful descriptions of romantic Corsica, that will make you think (and wish) you were there.